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Weekender XLBS: Would YOU Be In The 25% & Shoot?

Weekender XLBS: Would YOU Be In The 25% & Shoot?

214 days ago 89

Just what is the Bloop?
We try and freak Justin out
with tales from the deep
worthy of a tabletop adventure!

15mm.Co.Uk Prepare For Battle With The Tavshar Mecha!

218 days ago 3

15mm.co.uk has teamed up with Loud Ninja Games to produce a range of Tavshar Mecha in, you guessed it, 15mm scale, and they are looking utterly epic!

The Return Of The Rhinosaur From 15mm.co.uk

281 days ago 2

What is that thundering monster coming out of the dust? It is the Rhinosaur, back from the past!

The Old English Dragon Gets A Re-Release From 15mm.Co.Uk

595 days ago 5

If you’re looking for a mighty fine Dragon that you could use in both 28mm and 15mm games then see what you make of the Old English Dragon by 15mm.co.uk…

15mm.Co.Uk Put Together Both Good & Evil Japanese Armies

617 days ago 1

15mm.co.uk have put together two, as you might imagine, 15mm scale army bundles for making fantastical Japanese armies. You can get yourself a Noble Army and an Evil Army…

15mm.Co.Uk Uncover Da Vinci’s Marvellous Tank

625 days ago 1

15mm.Co.Uk have put together two new sets which are, as you might imagine, available in 15mm and could very well work out as being neat objectives for your games. See what you make of Leonardo Da Vinci and his Tank!

Burly Ogres Coming Soon To The 15mm.Co.Uk Range

680 days ago 1

15mm.co.uk have a nice set of Ogres coming soon to their webstore. These Ogres are quite big for their scale standing at 20mm over other models in the range. See what you think of them…

Attor The Ghoul Dragon Comes Soaring Onto The Battlefield

724 days ago 1

15mm.co.uk is celebrating their one hundredth release for their fantasy line HOT (Hordes of Things).

15mm.co.uk Re-releases 1980′s Napoleonic Miniatures With Brickdust

728 days ago 3

15mm.co.uk has brought back to life the old Napoleonic War line of miniatures from the 1980′s in time for the 200th anniversary of Waterloo.

15mm.Co.Uk Release Second Set Of Fantasy Orc Terrain

751 days ago 1

15mm.co.uk has released the second set for their HOB series of terrain. This time it is for the Orcs.

Bring the Horde, the Horde of Buildings That Is From 15mm.co.uk

817 days ago 2

15mm.co.uk has released a new terrain series called Hordes of Buildings. Their first set is the Human Starter Settlement.

Classic 15mm Dungeon Adventurers Return

965 days ago 1

15mm.co.uk is releasing heroic scale 15mm classic dungeon adventure miniatures in the style of Asgard miniatures.

15mm Trolls Have Come Down From The Mountains!

1045 days ago 5

See what you think of these nasty looking trolls that have come down from the mountain in search of a good meal!