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3 Colours Up – How To Paint A NMM Copper Stormcast Eternal


We get stuck into another tutorial with the help of Romain where he shows off another of the Non-Metallic Metal techniques. This time he’s using a Copper effect to paint his Stormcast Eternal Liberator.

Miniatures ER: Wolsung - Fixing Harriet Kinsley Part 5!

Miniatures ER: Wolsung – Fixing Harriet Kinsley Part 5!


It’s time to finish up this repair job
from Romain of Harriet Kinsley
from the Micro Art Studio game,
Wolsung SSG.

Has she made a full recovery?

Basecrafts – Desert Basing Set


Romain takes a look at the Desert Basing Set from Basecrafts.

Basecrafts: Woodland Basing Set


Romain takes a look at the next in the series of Basecrafts basing sets… the Woodland Set.

Basecrafts: Autumn Basing Set


Romain takes a look at the content of the Basecrafts Autumn Basing Set and creates an Autumnal base to show it off.

Humbrol Tool Kit Unboxed


Romain sets aside his paint brush to take a look at the Humbrol Tool Kit.

3 Colours Up Review – Prince August Brushes


Today on his 3 Colours Up Review, Romain give you his opinion on Prince August brushes.

3-Colours Review – Warpaints


Romain casts his professional eye over Warpaints from The Army Painter.

3 Colours Up Review – Formula P3 Paints


Romain gives us his professional opinion on Formula P3 Paints .

3 Colours Review – The Mantic Paint Set


With Warpath Weekend upon us, Romain gives us a look at the
Mantic Paint Set.