Take The Monorail With 4Ground’s New 10mm Building

January 17, 2015 by brennon

4Ground have added to their range of 10mm buildings that would be perfect for Dropzone Commander with the District XXII Monorail Station. I can feel that song from The Simpsons coming on…

Monorail Station #1

Monorail Station #2

Monorail Station #3

As you can see it’s another awesome piece of kit that really packs in the details. It’s insanely good looking for a 10mm building and really sets the scene as a piece of general real estate on the table. Everything suddenly feels lived in rather than blank and ‘medical’.

Monorail Station (Components)

As with most of the 4Ground buildings the entire thing comes apart allowing you to play your games inside the buildings as well as outside of them. I like that the detail is still here in everything from the flooring to the walls and the actual monorail itself is well worth working into an objective based game.

What do you think?