Repair & Equip Battlesuits In 4Ground’s New Hanger

May 27, 2016 by brennon

The sound of whirring machinery echoes from the inside of the new SV Hanger & Repair Bay by 4Ground. This is a monster of a project and looks fantastic!

SV Hanger #1

Here you can see the insides of the Hanger which shows off a control room at the top along with plenty of space on the bottom floor for a range of different Battlesuits and Walkers to stand. It also has a nice hard and compact shell to it that looks very robust.

SV Hanger #2

What’s better is that the Hanger Door for this which you can just see popping out of the top there actually does roll down to cove the entrance way. I really like the space on the top of the building too which is perfect for adding some turrets for extra defence.

Inside it looks even fancier…

SV Hanger (Inside)

I’d like to actually see if I could hang some of the smaller Battlsuits and such out there from the hoods in the ceiling to give you the idea that some of them are still being repaired. Of course no big building like this would be complete without a control room.

SV Hanger (Computers)

They have gone the whole hog when it comes to those monitors showing the readouts for the various suits that might be lodged in the building at any one time. This whole building is 28mm scale as we’ve mentioned in the past so it’s a big’un!

You can fit around five Walkers/Mechs/Battlesuits here of around average size.

I’d love to see what people do with this!

"This whole building is 28mm as we've mentioned in the past so it's a big'un! You can fit around five Walkers/Mechs/Battlesuits here of around average size..."

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