New Terrain Drops This November From 4Ground

November 2, 2017 by brennon

A myriad of different terrain types has dropped from 4Ground for you to take a closer look at, covering all manner of different genres. We’ll kick off with their World At War range as they look to Stalingrad.

Full Stalingrad

The Stalingrad collection provides you with a series of taller wrecker buildings which have been through the wars. They break down into smaller sets for you to scatter around but also join together to create a network of ruins for you to fight through.

Homeland Apocalypse

Keeping within the realms of Historical but venturing towards those apocalyptic scenarios that might arise on the tabletop we have a new building design from Woodbury Rise.

Woodbury Rise 138 1

These wrecked and dishevelled shells of homes are perfect for those trying to put together a burnt and ruined landscape.

Woodbury Rise 463 7

As well as these buildings which will provide you with dwellings to ransack they also have the Convenience Store which is no doubt going to be the centre of your attention.

HLA Convenience Store 2

If you’d prefer not to have to pick up the whole Mall from 4Ground this seems like a good compromise for someone looking to build up a neighbourhood to fight through on the tabletop.

Industrial Sci-Fi

Looking towards the future we have some additions to the 28mm Jesserai range. These Industrial complexes that you’ll be fighting through provide you with options for delving into some cool objective based close quarters combat.

Jes Industrial Set

As with the other terrain that we’ve been showing off, this can be broken down into smaller components to spread across the tabletop as a proper pipeline facility.

Stabled Nags

Finally, we have Valian’s Stable which is another addition to the City Of Mordanburg for The Legends Of Fabled Realms.

Stable 1

The Stable looks fantastic and rustic, just the place for you to defend against the snarling creatures of the Druggoi.

Stable 2

It breaks down into an awesome set of rooms to battle through – one of the perks of playing with 4Ground terrain. I think the way they detail everything is fantastic and I love the clash of colours between the stables and the larger building.

What do you think of the new terrain releases?

"The Stable looks fantastic and rustic, just the place for you to defend against the snarling creatures of the Druggoi..."