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Set Sail Beyond the Seven Seas in 7th Voyage’s New Supplement

816 days ago 1

Crooked Dice have put out their February releases, one of which is a new supplement for 7th Voyage that will let you take part in some swashbuckling high seas escapades! Prepare for 7th Voyage: Beyond the Seven Seas.

Recreate Monty Python’s Quest for the Holy Grail in 7th Voyage!

858 days ago 5

As part of their seasonal celebrations, the gang at Crooked Dice have come out with a free film guide for 7th Voyage that will let you recreate the amazing adventures of none other than Monty Python’s Holy Grail!

Crooked Dice’s November Releases Hit the Store!

908 days ago 7

Crooked Dice have got plenty of goodies for us this November, including a licensed starter set for the Australian action comedy series Danger 5.

The Witching Hour Strikes for Crooked Dice’s 7th Voyage

912 days ago 0

Crooked Dice have a bit of a Halloween surprise in store for us as they announce an upcoming supplement for 7th Voyage, The Witching Hour!

Make a Show of Arthurian Fantasy in 7th Voyage’s Next Supplement

949 days ago 2

Crooked Dice will soon have a new supplement for their game of stop motion fantasy 7th Voyage, letting you turn your shows into mythic adventures of knights and dragons. Prepare ye blaggard for 7th Voyage: Once and Future!

Crooked Dice Help You Get Started In Their 7TV World!

1102 days ago 2

See what you think of the starter sets being put together by Crooked Dice to get you started in their gaming worlds.

Remember the Month of November with Crooked Dice Previews

1268 days ago 1

Crooked Dice recently put out their November news letter and amidts the new releases we find three new previews for 7TV and 7th Voyage.

Crooked Dice Make the 7th Voyage for Myths and Monsters

1311 days ago 1

Crooked Dice have left the world of pulp sci-fi TV and stepped into the world of pulp fantasy TV as their new PDF 7th Voyage Myths and Monsters is now available.