7TV’s Paranormal Investigators Move into the Neighborhood

September 1, 2014 by dracs

September is here and that means so is Crooked Dice’s latest release, an awesome team of wise-cracking Paranormal Exterminators, accompanied by an ectoplasmic entity.

Paranormal Exterminators

Paranormal Exterminators

We caught a glimpse of this group of ghost busters last month, but now Crooked Dice are showing them off in all their fully painted glory. I have to say, I love them. As Ben noted, Crooked Dice have the rules in place to do something with these models, as well as brilliantly capturing the classic characters we all love.

Of course, maybe you want to gear up your own minis to get those ghosts. If that’s the case than you’re in luck as Crooked Dice have also released their exterminator gear separately.

Paranormal Exterminator Gear

How do you think these Paranormal Exterminators will fare in a skirmish style game?

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