Crooked Dice Release Soldiers & Scientists + Battle Of The Planets Soon!

April 1, 2015 by brennon

Crooked Dice have added some more familiar looking faces to the list of characters you can use in 7TV. See what you think of the Army Section and Scientific Advis0rs that are out now…

Army Section

Scientific Advisors

You might recognise these characters from episodes of Doctor Who both new and old. It will be fun to see what kind of scenarios people put them in as I can see something really cool coming out of a scuffle in a science lab or a break in at some secret military facility.

Battle Of The Planets!

As well as that you did see it in the title so don’t worry. Crooked Dice have picked up the licence for Battle Of The Planets which was the American version of an old anime series.

Battle of the Planets

The show had five young heroes defending Earth against attacks from outerspace and especially planet Spectra. You can watch the intro part of the show in the Youtube video attached above.

The licence for this game is complicated apparently so you might not see miniatures for a while but it’s certainly exciting if you’re interested in Saturday morning-style heroes and campy villains. if only they could get the He-Man licence.

"'s certainly exciting if you're interested in Saturday morning-style heroes and campy villains."