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28mm Army of Spartacus

In 73BC the unthinkable occurred in the Roman Empire. Whilst the bulk of the army was in Spain fighting the 3rd Mithradatic uprising, a small band of gladiators escaped, killing their masters and seizing weapons as they fled. They then proceeded to raid and free other slaves which swelled the numbers in their small rebellion. [...]

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July 30 2017

Army of Spartacus

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July 30 2017

New Fantasy & Historical Soft Plastic Characters Arrive From Warhansa

Warhansa doesn’t just work in resin as they have also been dabbling with soft plastic too. Leading the way for a raft of new releases we have these ‘toy soldiers’ with the Warrior & Assassin.

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February 23 2017 Ancient Battles Fantasy Historical News Warhansa

Mourning The Loss Of Gale Force Nine’s Masterful Sean Sweigart

The heavens have gained another brilliant gamer and we’re mourning the passing of Gale Force Nine’s, Sean Sweigart. The mastermind behind Star Trek: Ascendancy, among other titles, will be greatly missed.

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January 5 2017 Board Games Fantasy Featured Gale Force 9 News SciFi

Ajax Ready for Battle!

The team over at Nonsense Miniatures and Miniature Tale have joined forces to create this new model for all your Mythological armies, Ajax. Ajax, or Aias is the son of King Telamon who is portrayed as a towering figure across the land and a warrior of great courage in Homer’s lliad and in the Epic [...]

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August 30 2016 Historical News

Community Spotlight Honour Badges 2016

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August 19 2016

Community Spotlight: Painting Picks – Bloody Gladiators, Tank Riders & Middle-Earth Masterpieces

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August 19 2016 Fantasy Featured Historical Painting & Hobby

Let’s Play: Spartacus – A Game Of Blood & Treachery

Who will be the best lanista and triumph in the arena in this Let’s Play of Spartacus: A Game Of Blood & Treachery?

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August 15 2016 Board Games Featured Gale Force 9 Historical Let's Play Spartacus

Gale Force Nine Partnering With BBC For Doctor Who Board Game

Gale Force Nine are jumping into the big blue box with Doctor Who for a new board game according to their latest press release. The game, Doctor Who: Time Of The Daleks, could well be the next of their big licensed game hits…

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October 15 2015 Battlefront Miniatures Board Games Doctor Who: Time Of The Daleks Featured Side Gale Force 9 SciFi

Fight As Wrestling Icons In Gale Force Nine’s WWE Superstars

See how this new board game from
Gale Force Nine squares up in the
ring as WWE Superstar Showdown
is coming soon.

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May 5 2015 Board Games Gale Force 9 WWE Superstar Showdown

Gaming City Guide: London Calling!

Andrew, aka @rickoshea, has written in to
tell us a little about what gaming
is like in London.

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March 23 2015 Backstage Featured Gaming City Guide

Weekender: AdeptiCon Live Blog & Deadzone: Infestation Kicks Off!

We had one hell of a weekend
last week with the Dropzone
Commander Boot Camp
but that doesn’t mean
we’re stopping!

Welcome to The

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March 21 2015 Deadzone Dropzone Commander Featured Kickstarter The Weekender Wings of Glory

Take A Look At Spartacus The Shadow Of Death Expansion Coming Soon

Check out the new House and Gladiators that will be coming to the sands of the Arena in April for Spartacus by Gale Force Nine!

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March 19 2015 Board Games Gale Force 9 Historical News Spartacus

Gale Force 9 Activates Homeland Game Site

Gale Force 9 activates the website for Homeland the game so you can check out the teaser trailer and more.

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February 4 2015 Board Games Gale Force 9 Historical Homeland News

Warner Bros. Sign Up the Cast of the Suicide Squad

I must admit to having been somewhat underwhelmed by the first entry into the DC cinematic universe, but there is one title that has me really excited and that is the Suicide Squad.

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December 3 2014 Movies News Pulp Punk Horror & Weird

Gale Force Nine Reveal More On Homeland Board Game

Will you be drawn into the world of intrigue and espionage that is Homeland from Gale Force Nine? It certainly sounds like it’s going to be another interesting licensed game from these guys.

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October 18 2014 Board Games Gale Force 9 Historical Homeland: The Game News

The Gen Con 2014 Experience Part 1!

Backstagers got a taste of Gen Con over on our forums but we’ve now compiled community member Redben’s travels to Gen Con 2014 into a series of articles! See how he found the experience and let us know what you thought too!

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September 1 2014 Events Featured Gen Con

The Shadow Of Death Enters The Spartacus Board Game Arena!

See if you have what it takes to bring down The Shadow of Death as he enters the arena in a new expansion to Spartacus by Gale Force Nine!

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August 15 2014 Board Games Gale Force 9 Historical News Spartacus

Cryptozoic Take Us to the Danger Zone of Archer’s Board Game

Archer is one of those series that I keep meaning to watch and never getting round to checking it out, but now I might just find the motivation to give it a watch as Cryptozoic release their board game based on the show; Archer: The Danger Zone.

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July 21 2014 Archer The Danger Zone News Pulp Punk Horror & Weird

Be The Best Outlaws In Sons Of Anarchy Board Game!

Sons of Anarchy: Men of Mayhem puts you in the leather boots of a biker gang and has you fighting for control of territory, dodging the law and screwing over your neighbours for profit and more. Sounds like my kind of board game!

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July 10 2014 Board Games Featured Gale Force 9 Pulp Punk Horror & Weird Sons of Anarchy: Men of Mayhem