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Company Of Iron Releases October 25th From Privateer Press


Privateer Press has now released the date that you’ll be able to get your hands on Company Of Iron which is the cut down skirmish game set within the world of Warmachine & Hordes.

Zevanna Agha Casts Her Spells For Hordes’ Grymkin Soon


Zevanna Agha is now scheduled for release this month to support the continued tide of Grymkin hitting the tabletop for Hordes by Privateer Press.

Mennes' Mini-Mashups: Crafting Swords from Scratch

Mennes’ Mini-Mashups: Crafting Swords From Scratch


The Monstrous Frightmare & More Come To Privateer’s Hordes


Privateer Press showed off some new models on their webstore which are making their way into the world of Hordes and the Grymkin. First off we have this terrifying model, the Frightmare!

Privateer’s Special Christmas Miniature Previews Hit The Internet


Privateer Press is going to be doing their Twelve Days Of Christmas model selection again this year and we’ve got a sneaky look at what they might be thanks to Party Foul once again.

Check Out Privateer Press’ MiniCrate Character Concept Art


Privateer Press has been showing off some of the concept art for the characters you’ll be getting in the upcoming MiniCrate releases.

The Northkin Storm Down From The Mountains For Hordes


Once again in a splash of spoilery previews (Party Foul) for the world of Privateer Press’ Hordes, we have some new renders and figures from the upcoming Northkin release, bolstering the Trollbloods.

Weekender: Team Yankee History Lesson & Replacing Rulebooks With Dized

Weekender: Team Yankee History Lesson & Replacing Rulebooks With Dized


We’re back to bring you more awesomeness
from the world of tabletop gaming this
weekend with our little show known
as The Weekender!

Beautiful Dreamers & Slavering Beasts For The Grymkin Of Hordes


Privateer Press continue to grow the Grymkin faction for the world of Hordes and this time around we’re greeted by some fantastic looking new models starting with The Dreamer & Phantasms.

Privateer Bow Down Before The King Of Nothing In Hordes


Privateer Press showed off another preview of what’s coming for the world of Hordes and the Grymkin in the near future. Here we have The King Of Nothing who will be available from August 9th…