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Sword & Board Games Show Off Upcoming Token Sets

557 days ago 0

Sword & Board Games are expanding their Twelve Elements of War range and that means that they need accessories to. With the help of Aetherworks they have produced this range of tokens for use in the game.

Sword & Board Games Introduce Us To Five New Heroes

564 days ago 3

Sword & Board Games have five new models on their webstore and they have been painted up rather nicely indeed! The world of Twelve Elements Of War has plenty of exciting Fantasy races all with diverse roles within it so it’s always great to see what they’ve been working on…

Sword & Board Games’ Highguard Swordsman Challenges You To A Duel

616 days ago 2

Another new render has popped up for the world of Sword & Board Games and their Twelve Elements of War range. This time around we’re clad in heavy armour with the Highguard Swordsman…

Sword & Board Games Hire A Mighty Highguard Ogre

702 days ago 3

Sword & Board Games have another render to add to their growing collection as work on the range of miniatures expands. This time around they are getting into their heavy armour alongside the Highguard Ogre…

Go Hunting Bandits With Sword & Board’s New Dwarf

961 days ago 5

See how 2015 starts off for Sword & Board Games as they employ a deadly Dwarf Bandit Hunter to clean up their streets.

A Jaded Noble For Sword & Board’s Twelve Elements Of War

1005 days ago 2

Check out another update for Twelve Elements of War from Sword & Board Games where a Goblin Noble has taken it upon herself to dispatch her own brand of justice.

Look For Big Game With Sword & Board’s Beast Hunter

1040 days ago 3

Will you begin to go hunting big game with Sword & Board Games’ Beast Hunter?

Sword & Board Games Dwarf Highguard Previewed!

1053 days ago 9

See what you think of another addition to the line-up for Twelve Elements of War by Sword & Board Games!

Even Sword & Board Games Can’t Escape Tax Collectors

1079 days ago 5

Twelve Elements of War have decided its time to bring in the debt and they’ve sent in a Tax Collector with a cruel looking spear to do just that.

Sword & Board’s Faun Scholar Searches For Knowledge

1086 days ago 2

Take a look at another cool render from the folks at Sword & Board Games for their game, Twelve Elements of War. This time around it’s a well traveled Faun with an axe to grind.

Sword & Board Games’ Executioner Says Off With Their Heads!

1105 days ago 5

Dive into the world of Twelve Elements of War and pray that you never fall under the steely gaze of the Executioner. See what you think of this somewhat legendary dispenser of justice!

The Adventuring Lord Takes Up Sword & Board’s Quest

1118 days ago 4

Join the new Adventuring Lord as he heads off with Sword & Board Games for a new quest!

A Mighty Orc Takes Command In Twelve Elements Of War

1132 days ago 8

Twelve Elements Of War introduces a new sword and board wielding Orc Chieftain. See what you think of this oddly named hero within!

Twelve Elements of War Returns to Kickstarter!

1172 days ago 2

Sword and Board Games have teamed up with River Horse to once again make their fantasy game Twelve Elements of War a reality with the help of Kickstarter.

The Twelve Elements Of War Digital Rulebook Now Available!

1191 days ago 0

Delve into the world of Twelve Elements of War as they release their digital rulebook onto their webstore. Give it a download and see what you think!