Ganesha’s Hammer & Forge Kickstarter Welcomes The Undead

September 1, 2015 by brennon

A new set of models have been added to Ganesha Games’ Kickstarter for Song Of Blades: Hammer & Forge. If you like the thought of raising up the dead to fight for you then you’re in luck when it comes to these additional miniatures…

Thrall Of Darran Characters

There are a lot of interesting new characters in the mix all of them serving the Lich King known as Darran Our. It’s quite fun that they’ve even managed to make a Dwarf Vampire – something you don’t normally get to see!

Thralls Of The Lich King

As far as thralls go you can’t get much better than this lot I would warrant. The Wight Axeman above is particularly cool  and I love the sculpting on the Javelineer below; I think they’ve done a great job with the skull and beard.

Thralls Of The Lich King (Alt)

There are plenty of different choices for you if you want to get your hands on Dwarves in this Kickstarter ranging from Barbarians to, as you see here, the Undead. Their campaign is going exceedingly well so keep an eye out for additional stretch goals and more down the road.

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"It's quite fun that they've even managed to make a Dwarf Vampire - something you don't normally get to see!"