Song Of Blades: Hammer & Forge By Ganesha Already Funded!

August 19, 2015 by brennon

Ganesha Games have started and ALREADY funded the Song of Blades: Hammer & Forge Kickstarter campaign. This one comes with a whole lot of Dwarves and some other cool additions like these new rulebooks for the game…

Song Of Blades & Heroes

The idea behind the campaign is not only to bring out these new rules to get you going in the game but also a range of models from when Dwarves could be anything in a Fantasy setting, not just Fighters and Clerics. See what you think of some of the models below.

Mighty Beardlings!

There are a whole range of different characters to take a look at for this campaign that would be perfect for role-playing and skirmish games. The weird and the wonderful are also catered to and you’ll be seeing a lot of old school characters.

Minor Special Characters

Miners Infantry

Miner Characters

I particularly like the models in this last set, the Infantry with Battle Tankard in particular. He would be a perfect character to use in a role-playing game. You might even be able to use these in your games of Frostgrave as a Dwarf warband. There’s nothing to say they wouldn’t be wandering around the ruins!

What do you think of the campaign?

"The weird and the wonderful are also catered to and you'll be seeing a lot of old school characters..."