The Lannisters Send Their Regards With New CMON Previews

June 20, 2017 by brennon

CMON are showing off more of the models for A Song Of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game with a look at the Lannisters this time around. Here we have Jaime Lannister leading the way…

Jaime Lannister

Known as the Kingslayer and as one of the most famed swordsmen in the Seven Kingdoms maybe you’ll be able to change the fate of Jaime Lannister in this particular battle.

Of course ‘historically’ the Starks won the day and captured him but maybe the Lannisters don’t fall into the ambush this time around?

Red & Gold

Massed around him we also have the Lannister Guard…

Lannister Guards #1

In true Lannister fashion, these soldiers are looking a lot fancier than their Stark counterparts we looked at last week. I really like the style of armour which steps towards the 15th and 16th Century in its design.

Lannister Guards #2

Lannister Guards #3

A selection of different helmet designs are great to see too and with the designs, for the Lannister Crest sculpted onto the shields, it means it’s going to be so much easier to paint these! Lastly, we have this Standard Bearer…

Lannister Guards #4

Resplendent in red and gold, these soldiers are going to look splendid on the battlefield. Are you going to take the Lannister gold and fight for them against the Starks?

Drop your thoughts below…

"Of course 'historically' the Starks won the day and captured him but maybe the Lannisters don't fall into the ambush this time around?"