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Acolyte Miniatures Showcase 32mm Fantasy Range With Wizard


Acolyte Miniatures round out their set of four fantasy miniatures with a mid-cast wizard

Finished Elf Ranger Revealed By Acolyte Miniatures


Delving into the realm of Fantasy we have this new Elf Ranger by Acolyte Miniatures for you to check out.

Acolyte Miniatures Cast Spells With Their Upcoming Wizard


Acolyte Miniatures have been working towards the release of some new Fantasy models which could be used on the tabletop. Their newest preview focuses on the Wizard.

Acolyte Miniatures Get Backstabby With A Rogue


Acolyte Miniatures have previewed another of their new miniatures for their heroic 32mm range. Here we have their Rogue.

Smash Your Foes Bones With Acolyte’s Angry Barbarian


Acolyte Miniatures have shown off the 3D render preview for their upcoming Bonecrusher Barbarian who will be part of the 32mm Fantasy range…

Acolyte Miniatures Rage With New Barbarian Concept Art


If you’re looking for a character to smash your enemies into a bloody mess then see what you make of the concept art that Acolyte Miniatures have previewed for Bone Crusher…

Acolyte Miniatures Show Off Upcoming Creations


Acolyte Miniatures have shown off some concept art for one of their upcoming miniatures. This will begin to add to their Fantasy range…

Acolyte Miniatures Look Ahead To Elf Rangers & More


Acolyte Miniatures have been talking about their plans for the future including a range of Fantasy miniatures. They have shown off this sketch for an Elf Ranger which could mark the start of some really awesome figures by them…

The Bringer Of Death Swings His Axe In Acolyte Miniatures Preview


Adding to their 72mm Prestige Range of miniatures Acolyte have shown off the work-in-progress 3D work on The Bringer of Death. I wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of this bloodthirsty warrior…

Acolyte Miniatures Cast Up The Final Moments Of The Defeated In 72mm


The production casts of The Defeated have shown up for Acolyte Miniatures rather prestigious range of 72mm miniatures. I can see these being great projects for painters over the next year or so.