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Cubicle 7′s New Sourcebooks Take You On More Adventures In Middle-earth


Cubicle 7 has been expanding on their awesome Adventures In Middle-earth role-playing game which uses the backbone of Dungeons & Dragons to power it.

Cubicle 7 Preview Mirkwood Middle-Earth Campaign Book


Cubicle 7 have shown off the artwork for the front of their new Mirkwood Campaign Book which will add to their Adventures In Middle-Earth collection.

New Middle-Earth Guides & Accessories From Cubicle 7


If you’re enjoying your Adventures In Middle-Earth then keep an eye on some of the new releases from Cubicle 7 as they take you on a journey into Rhovanion.

Adventures In Middle-Earth Player’s Guide Gets PDF Release


Cubicle 7 have now released the Adventures In Middle-Earth Player’s Guide in PDF Form allowing you to adventure in the world of Tolkien’s imagination using the 5th Edition D&D system.