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Head To Conversion Corner With Anvil Industry

243 days ago 1

Anvil Industry has returned to Conversion Corner to show off some more of the models that can be made using the components they offer for AFTERLIFE and more. For example here are some of their rather awesome looking Pulse Mechs posed in different ways with all manner of new accessories.

Anvil Industry Begin Sculpting Afterlife Miniatures Again!

328 days ago 5

A new preview image on Facebook revealed that Anvil Industry is now back to working on miniatures for their Afterlife Sci-Fi range. Here we have an early look at Ellenor Renard.

Anvil Industry Has Added Fantastic Sci-Fi Conversion Kits

567 days ago 2

Anvil Industry is making some of their iconic Afterlife bits available for kit bashers to customize their models. Now you can swap out 28mm heads and weapons from your favorite Power Mechs in the range.

Move Your Mechs Into The Heat Of Battle With Anvil Industry’s “Taipan” APC

587 days ago 5

Anvil Industry is hard at work on a transport vehicle for you to move your mechs! The render for the Unity Council “Taipan” APC will have a finished interior and enough space to literally move your mechs across the table.

New Afterlife Starter Sets Available For The Unity & Republic

615 days ago 4

Anvil Industry have now put together two Starter Sets for you to use in the game of AFTERLIFE. Both the Unity and the Republic have got themselves sets packed with core troops and then some more specialised soldiers for the punishing crunch…

Kira & Dakota Roll Out Into Anvil Industries’ Afterlife

621 days ago 5

Two new Dragons roll out into the world of Afterlife from Anvil Industries. Kira & Dakota look ready to take on the toughest of foes.

Anvil Industry Reveals New Releases For Afterlife

713 days ago 1

Anvil Industry has created some outstanding new miniatures to be used in Sci-fi games.

Anvil Sync Up To Their AFTERLIFE Protos Drone

741 days ago 5

If you like the idea of not having to do a lot of the fighting yourself in games of AFTERLIFE by Anvil Industry then see what you make of the Protos Battle Drone which can be synced up to characters like Natalya Federici to protect her in a firefight…

Fire Support & Recon Teams Hit For Anvil’s Unity Council

747 days ago 2

Anvil Industry have shown off some new infantry units for the Unity Council in AFTERLIFE. The ‘Tracer’ Exo-Mech Infantry are supplied in two flavours with both a Recon and Support working in tandem in the field…

Recon The Battlefield With Anvil’s Republic Instigator Soon

774 days ago 7

If you like the idea of scouting ahead on the battlefield (quite the theme at the moment with Sci-Fi vehicles) then what do you make of the Republic Instigator Assault Reconnaissance Vehicle from Anvil Industry for Afterlife?

Crisp New Resin Minis From Anvil Industry For Afterlife

791 days ago 5

When a render translates to a tangible miniature, all is right as rain. Anvil Industry has nailed it with their latest digital renders that have yielded some fantastic, resin minis!

Sneak Through The Urban Jungle With Ace AFTERLIFE Miniatures

805 days ago 3

Grab your sniper rifle and make sure that your active camouflage is on with some rather deadly looking additions to AFTERLIFE from Anvil Industry. See what you think of Gabriela Aguilar and some familiar faces below…

Anvil Industry Fully Kit Out The CRANE Heavy Infantry For AFTERLIFE

809 days ago 2

Anvil Industry have finished up some more of the resin miniatures from AFTERLIFE with the CRANE Heavy Infantry looking very cool indeed…

Afterlife’s CRANE Infantry Gets A Reboot

819 days ago 7

Anvil Industry has offered a look at a reboot for the CRANE Infantry for Afterlife. This new version is meant to fit in more naturally with the high tech feel of the rest of the line and to make it up to backers, the unit size is being upped to 5.

Breach & Clear With Upcoming Republic Commandos For Afterlife

824 days ago 5

Breach and clear with a new team of Assault Specialists joining the cause for the Republic in AFTERLIFE by Anvil Industry.