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Thunder & Blood Starter Set Coming To Age Of Sigmar

6 days ago 37

The new Starter Set for Age Of Sigmar has now been added to the Games Workshop for pre-orders this weekend. Thunder & Blood offers up a cut-down slice of the original starter box miniatures-wise with a few extras thrown in elsewhere.

Michael Pisarski Takes The Golden Demon With Nagash

25 days ago 12

The talent level of painters that take the prestigious awards in the industry gets better every year. Congratulations to Michael Pisarski for winning the Golden Demon at Warhammer Fest with his jaw-dropping diorama, Nagash, Supreme Lord of the Undead.

Cubicle 7 Announces Age Of Sigmar Role-Playing Game!

27 days ago 32

As well as working on the new edition of Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play, set during the period of the Old World, Cubicle 7 are also going to be working on one set in the Mortal Realms. Get ready for the Warhammer Age Of Sigmar: Roleplaying Game.

Grab Yourself The New Age Of Sigmar Skirmish Rules & Warbands

34 days ago 44

Games Workshop has now put together pre-orders allowing you to snap up the Age Of Sigmar Skirmish Rules, acting as a great entry point into the world of Age Of Sigmar and Warhammer in general.

Weekender XLBS: Planning Mega SAGA Battles & Tanks Galore

Weekender XLBS: Planning Mega SAGA Battles & Tanks Galore

47 days ago 83

Float Into Battle With New Kharadron Overlords For Age Of Sigmar

48 days ago 14

Games Workshop has been showing off some new additions to the world of Age of Sigmar and the Kharadron Overlords today. The focus this time is towards two new characters and then some high-flying Duardin.

Age Of Sigmar To Explore A Skirmish Mode

53 days ago 16

Yes, the world of Age of Sigmar from Games Workshop is continuing to evolve as they put together a skirmish mode for the game where you’ll be playing with a handful of warriors per side.

Command The Arkanauts & Flying Machines With New Kharadron Overlords

55 days ago 24

Some new miniatures are making their way to the tabletop for the Kharadron Overlords and the Mortal Realms of Age Of Sigmar by Games Workshop.

Grundstok Gunners & Their Gunhauler Join The Kharadron Of Age Of Sigmar

60 days ago 14

Games Workshop revealed more of their Kharadron Overlords range for use in the world of Age of Sigmar. Leading the way this time we have another flying machine in the shape of the Grundstok Gunhauler.


Weekender: Mantic’s Warpath Renewed & Kicking Off Guild Ball Week!

62 days ago 266

We’ve got some mega-prizes for you this weekend as we talk Guild Ball and Mantic’s Warpath…

Weekender XLBS: Building Your Collection; Bespoke Miniatures Or Masses Of Plastic?

Weekender XLBS: Bespoke Miniatures Vs Masses Of Plastic?

68 days ago 66

Sit down and relax with us as we
talk skeletal hordes and building
up your collection with all
manner of miniatures.

The Kharadron Overlords Soar Into Age Of Sigmar This Week

69 days ago 38

Arriving in the world of Age of Sigmar this week we have the Kharadon Overlords from Games Workshop.

Weekender: GW's Community Commitment & What's Inside The Terrain Crate?

Weekender: GW’s Community Commitment & What’s Inside The Terrain Crate?

69 days ago 225

Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire Undead Warband Revealed

71 days ago 33

Games Workshop has expanded on the Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire with news of their new warband, the Deathrattle Sepulchral Guard.

Weekender: Dive Into Drowned Earth & Samurai Slicing In Test Of Honour

Weekender: Dive Into Drowned Earth & Samurai Slicing In Test Of Honour

90 days ago 225

Welcome to The Weekender where we’re diving into all manner of epic tabletop awesomeness including Test Of Honour, The Drowned Earth and more!