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Watch Out For Firestorm, An Age Of Sigmar Campaign, Coming Soon


Games Workshop has news of an upcoming campaign set which will be hitting the webstore for pre-order this weekend. Here a glimpse at Season Of War Firestorm.

New Art Shows Off The Factions Of Games Workshop’s Shadespire


Games Workshop has shown off a great piece of artwork which gives you a hint as to the other Age Of Sigmar factions which will be showing up in Shadespire in the hunt for Shadeglass.

Black Library Starts New Age of Sigmar Series With Spear of Shadows


Black Library have released the first in a new trilogy set in Warhammer Age of Sigmar. Set off on the hunt for Eight Lamentations: Spear of Shadows.

Weekender: Team Yankee History Lesson & Replacing Rulebooks With Dized

Weekender: Team Yankee History Lesson & Replacing Rulebooks With Dized


We’re back to bring you more awesomeness
from the world of tabletop gaming this
weekend with our little show known
as The Weekender!

More GW News From NOVA; Shadespire, New Codexes & More


Games Workshop had more than just Necromunda to show off at NOVA this week as they also had a bit of news for other games too.

Age Of Sigmar: General's Handbook 2017 & Open War Cards Reviewed

Age Of Sigmar: General’s Handbook 2017 & Open War Cards Reviewed


Waaaagh! Comes To Life As Forge World Release The Rogue Idol


A manifestation of the Waagh! itself is coming to Age of Sigmar as Forge World construct a Rogue Idol for the Orruks.

A New Story To Tell With Age Of Sigmar Blightwar Coming Soon


A new boxed game is on the way from Games Workshop for the world of Age Of Sigmar. Blightwar sees you playing out the clashes between the forces of the Chaos God Nurgle and the valiant Stormcast Eternals.


Age Of Sigmar: Path To Glory Reviewed


Ben gives his thoughts on the new Path To Glory supplement for Age Of Sigmar. Is it a good entry point for new gamers in the Mortal Realms?

Path To Glory & New Get Starting Sets For Age Of Sigmar


Some new options are now available for those looking to get stuck into the world of Age Of Sigmar from Games Workshop. Leading the way we have the new Path To Glory Rulebook…