Malign Portents Campaign Book Coming To Age Of Sigmar

January 5, 2018 by brennon

The narrative is moving forward as the Age Of Sigmar is ruled over by Malign Portents. Games Workshop has a new Campaign Book on the way soon featuring new characters and more exploration of the Realm Of Death, Shyish.

Malign Portents

The book comes with all manner of new rules for you to play out both tactically pointed games as well as narrative campaigns. You will get a better understanding of what it’s like to play in the Realm Of Death and what challenges that presents. As well as that you will also find yourself fighting alongside four new Harbingers for each of the Grand Alliances.

Lord Ordinator – Vorrus Starstrike

First off we have the new model for Order, Vorrus Starstrike. He is both a seer and warrior who will be leading the forces of Order against the growing number of undead under Nagash.

Lord Ordinator - Vorrus Starstrike

“Masters of celestial engineering, the Lord-Ordinators are wise men who have shaped the Mortal Realms through the word of Sigmar and the readings of the heavens.”

I really like the look of the model, offering up a new way of viewing the Stormcast Eternals away from mounds and mounds of plate metal.

Darkoath Warqueen – Marakarr Blood-Sky

Against Vorrus we have the Darkoath Warqueen known as Marakarr Blood-Sky. She has been chosen as the newest charismatic leader of the forces of Chaos, bent on destroying the plans of Nagash and his undead allies.

Darkoath Warqueen - Marakarr Blood-Sky

“The Darkoath Warqueen has proven herself the rightful ruler of her barbarian tribespeople time and time again – whether in single combat under the arena of the bloody skies, or as a visionary who does the will of the Dark Gods.”

We’ve talked a lot about the model for this character and while I don’t think she has quite captured the savagery of the artwork I think they’ve done a great job on the model as a whole.

Fungoid Shaman – Snazzgar Stinkmullet

Going from charismatic to crazy we also have this fellow here, a new and different leader for the forces of Destruction.

Fungoid Shaman - Snazzgar Stinkmullet

“Whether his hallucinogenic visions of carnage are gifted to him by his cunning but brutal deity, or simply the side effects of ingesting too many deffcap mushrooms, is immaterial to those following him – so long as he finds a good scrap, that’s all that counts.”

I like the idea that this fellow has managed to twist his magical energies into controlling the forces of Destruction going forward. Brute strength helps of course but sometimes a bit of magic and the threat of being turned into a Squig also helps.

Knight Of Shrouds – Keldrek

Last but not least we have Keldrek who has been chosen by Nagash to lead the forces of the Undead across the land with a bargain.

Knight Of Shrouds - Keldrek

“He has bartered away his soul in exchange for generalship of a powerful undead host, and brings the undeniable word of Nagash’s rule to those who think to resist him. The bite of his blade is as grave-cold as his immortal heart.”

He will be visiting the Realms with an offer from Nagash. You can either give your souls over to him and join his host or die at the end of his cold blade.

Make sure to keep an eye out for more from Malign Portents in the near future as they will undoubtedly be talking more about the book. You can actually check out a discussion on the basis of the book here…

Will you be starting a new force as we look towards this campaign?

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"You will get a better understanding of what it's like to play in the Realm Of Death and what challenges that presents..."