The Prosecutors & New Stormcast Battletome Arrive For Age Of Sigmar

September 5, 2015 by brennon

Games Workshop have a whole host of new Age of Sigmar releases descending from the heavens this week. Not only are there some new Prosecutors with their Heroes but also Upgrade Kits for specific Stormcast Eternal armies and a Battletome too…


The Prosecutors are striking from the heavens with a new plastic kit that gives you them multiple weapon options including the Celestial Hammers from the Starter Set, spears or axes.

Prosecutors with Celestial Hammers

Prosecutors with Stormcall Javelins

f you want to get a handle on the Prosecutors as a unit then you can read about them in their rules download HERE and HERE. Effectively you’re looking to give yourself swift striking objective takers in your games who also have viable ranged attacks.

The Stormcall Javelins are a particularly potent ranged weapon for the Prosecutors that, when thrown over great distances can call down a strike of lightning on the enemy.

Winged Heroes

On top of the Prosecutors we have their Heroes that accompany them into battle. The Knight-Azyros and Knight-Venator give you options for both a close combat focused hero who strikes hard with debuffing abilities and a ranged one who hits from afar.

Knight Venator

As before there are plenty of great rules for them including the awesome Star-Eagle who can strike with Rend 3 on the roll of a 6+ in combat and his bow that does some nasty damage with the Star-Fated Arrow.

On top of that the Azyros, seen below, can use his lantern to make shots easier for your army AND you can deploy nearer to him using lighting strikes despite being close to enemies. This makes him a good tactical choice.

The downloads for both of these heroes can be found HERE and HERE in Warscroll form.

Knight Azyros

I think these hero models are particularly awesome and the aesthetic of an entirely winged horde descending from the heavens to strike the enemy is an exciting one. It’s just a shame that it would mean transporting the models was a crisis waiting to happen.


The regular Stormcast Eternals are getting Upgrade kits for both the Celestial Warbringers and Knights Excelsior. I would hope this means we get more of these as time goes by allowing you to personalise your force.

Knight Excelsior Upgrades

Celestial Warbringer Upgrades

A lot of people don’t like the aesthetic of the Stormcast but I could see this potentially converting a few of them. Of course there’s nothing to stop you spending no money and raiding your bitz box for some additional extras instead.


The Battletome for the Stormcast Eternals is next up for us to take a look at. Inside its pages you get Warscrolls for all of the units in the army, new quests to play out on the tabletop, new formations which come with their own special rules and background for the army as a whole.

Battletome Stormcast Eternals

There is also a Limited Edition version of the book as you can see below which comes in a slipcase and with added art prints.

Battletome Stormcast Eternals - Limited Edition

As always I’m sure the book is packed full of gorgeous artwork and it looks like it would be nice to have on the bookshelf but I think I’ll stick to the free PDFs and the App for now.

What do you make of the new releases?

"I think these hero models are particularly awesome and the aesthetic of an entirely winged horde descending from the heavens to strike the enemy is an exciting one..."