A Closer Look At The Age Of Sigmar Slyvaneth With James Hewitt

July 5, 2016 by brennon

Studio Writer, and old friend of Beasts of War, James Hewitt has sat down for another video with Games Workshop covering the Sylvaneth Battletome which is available to pre-order now. While we might keep going on about this new release from Age of Sigmar it marks a big shift in their social media presence which we’re eager for them to do more of…

Sylvaneth Art

With that in mind check out the videos with James Hewitt here talking about what’s inside the book…

…Rob Symes (South Coast GT Winner) talking about the book and his impressions

…and finally Duncan and Emma, the current faces of the Games Workshop painting videos, talking about their thoughts on the models.

As we said above we’re happy that Games Workshop are now producing more of this kind of media and it does wonders for getting people excited about your product.

Hopefully with future releases we’ll see more of this!

"...it does wonders for getting people excited about your product"