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Kill From Range With Albino Raven’s Stalker Sniper

363 days ago 11

Albino Raven have shown off another addition to their series of ‘Stalker’ miniatures as they add the Sniper to their collection in 1/35 scale.

A New Swashbuckling Pirate Arrives From Albino Raven Miniatures

403 days ago 1

Albino Raven Miniatures has just released a new 40mm Pirate Girl mini. This mini is full of piraty character, complete with a parrot, and offers the perfect canvas to show off your painting skills.

Hit The High Seas With Albino Raven’s Quirky Pirates

423 days ago 5

Albino Raven have always got their eye on doing something a bit different and this is certainly the case with these two Pirates. We’ll kick things off with Davy Crabs…

Albino Raven Miniatures Shows Off Stunning Painted Heavy Ogr

473 days ago 5

A new Heavy Ogr marches onto the battlefield from Albino Raven Miniatures. This huge baddie towers over the 28mm minis at 55mm in height, with a hammer that no one wants to be on the receiving end of.

Albino Raven Go Stalking With Their New Wasteland Soldier

509 days ago 2

Albino Raven have added another miniature to their 75mm range. Here we have the Stalker, a 3D print based off the likeness of a real person! He comes with some neat head options too depending on whether or not he’s hanging around anywhere too toxic…

Albino Raven Mount Up On A Sabretooth For Battle

515 days ago 4

Albino Raven have been adding some more Fantasy miniatures to their collection again with the 28mm scale Sabretooth Rider. This is a snarling beast mounted by an equally angry looking rider ork rider…

An Ursine Warrior Begins His Hunt With Albino Raven

534 days ago 6

We have another addition to the Albino Raven line-up in 75mm today as Warrior begins his hunt through the wilds in order to protect his tribe. See what you think of him below…

Albino Raven Suit Up In The Rhino Exosuit

544 days ago 5

Albino Raven have suited up within a rather special bit of technology for their next 75mm model. See what you make of the Rhino Exosuit which is enabling this soldier to heft a very big machine gun…

Gerion-Slayer Comes To Reap A Toll From Albino Raven

550 days ago 3

Albino Raven have gone back to the world of Sci-Fi for their next model. Here we have Gerion-Slayer who is a 28mm scale general who will be leading your forces into battle and reaping a heavy toll amongst his foes with that scythe of his…

A Demonic Beast Will Be Summoned Soon From Albino Raven

562 days ago 7

Albino Raven have shared some work-in-progress preview shots of their newest Demonic Beast that will be coming out soon. This creature is going to stand at 65mm tall from hoof to horn and will most likely fit into their 28mm range.

Don Your Power Armour With Albino Raven’s New Terminator

575 days ago 9

Albino Raven have been busy and crafted another miniature in 28mm that would be a good alternative for you to use as a Terminator Armoured Commander in your games of Warhammer 40,000. Have a look at see what you think of him here…

A Mighty Ogre Brings The Hammer Down From Albino Raven

580 days ago 9

Albino Raven have showed off their mighty Heavy Ogre with a massive hammer with a special promotional price attached to it. If you’re looking for a mighty addition to a Chaos or even Orc army this could be a great new monstrous unit to send swinging into the enemy lines…

A Deadly Samurai Girl Leaps Into Action From Albino Raven

590 days ago 2

Albino Raven have added a new 75mm scale sculpt to their collection for painters and hobbyists to get stuck into. Here we have the Samurai Girl winding up for a slice with her deadly katana…

The Behemoth Stomps Off Albino Raven’s Production Line

645 days ago 5

If you’re looking for another machine to help you fight the enemy on the battlefields of today and the near future then see what you make of Albino Raven’s next project, the Behemoth Power Armour…

Albino Raven Go Stalking With New Russian Soldier

664 days ago 3

Created in 1/35th scale Albino Raven have added another modern/near-modern soldier to their ranks. This time you’re going on the hunt with this Russian Stalker complete with shotgun and gas mask options…