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Prodos Games Show Off What’s Coming To Gen Con


Prodos Games has shown off what new goodies are going to be at Gen Con this year. They have a distinctly Alien Vs Predator theme to them…

Alien Fans; Get Your Own M577 APC From Prodos Games


Prodos Games have gone all out on one of their latest projects which brings the M577 APC to the tabletop, an iconic vehicle from the ALIEN franchise.

Salute Is Getting Its Own Special Edition Miniature From Prodos


So all the fine folks who could not attend Adepticon this year and missed out on the show exclusive miniature will be getting one of their own at Salute.

Prodos Bring Special Miniatures & AvP 2nd Edition To AdeptiCon 2017


Prodos Games are going to be at AdeptiCon 2017 and with them, they bring some special miniatures and some big news concerning Alien Vs Predator as the 2nd Edition becomes available for pre-order this week.

3 Colours Up: Painting A Predator – Part One


Today we’re taking a look through the Prodos range to give you an excellent tutorial on how to paint a model from the Alien Vs Predator range, it’s the Predator himself.

Alien Vs Predator Unboxing: UD-4L Cheyenne Dropship

Alien Vs Predator Unboxing: UD-4L Cheyenne Dropship


Win your own Cheyenne Dropship
from Prodos Games, comment
with your chance to win!

Unboxing: AVP – Young Bloods


So you think you’re ready to become blooded eh? Well we’ll have to see about that Young Blood!

Weekender: Exclusive Dark Souls Interview & Warhammer Quest Looks Ace!

Weekender: Exclusive Dark Souls Interview & Warhammer Quest Looks Ace!


Unboxing: AVP – Alien Queen & Facehuggers


Are you ready for trauma? How about some creepy questionable creatures diving into your own bodies? Well you’re in luck

Young Bloods Hunt & Facehuggers Hatch For Prodos’ AvP


Prodos Games are continuing to add to their AvP range with some more dangerous foes for you to face and a potential way to ease off the pressure in those tight corridors.