The Tribal Woa Wa’yake & A New Templar From Alkemy

June 17, 2015 by brennon

There are two new models out now from Alkemy for their Fantasy tabletop game. The first of these is Woa Wa’yake with a tribal vibe to her and the second is another Templar for the faction of the same name. See what you think of them…

Woa Wa’yake

This particular lady is quite detailed looking model wise and while it’s quite hard to work out what she’s like on the tabletop from the translations I imagine she works as a hero character in the game.

Woa Wa'yake

I like that they’ve painted her up in ‘Oni-style’ red which gives her an otherworldy quality.


As well as her we have a second Templar model that isn’t quite as good looking as she is due to the way in which he’s been posed.

Second Templar (Alt)

I’m not really won over by the model even though I love to see Templars and other models of that ilk on the tabletop. I don’t think that the paint job does much to help the look of the model either.

What do you think?

"I like that they've painted her up in 'Oni-style' red which gives her an otherworldy quality..."

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