War Begins on the Martian Front with the Invasion Starter Set

April 26, 2013 by dracs

Alien Dungeon have announced that the kickstarter for All Quiet On the Martian Front will be going up next week and to get us started in the game they are putting together the Invasion Starter Boxed Game.

Invasion Starter Game

Invasion Starter Box Game

As you can see there are far more human miniatures than martian ones. This makes sense in both realistic terms (its our planet after all) and in terms of the source material War of the Worlds, in which human weaponry had almost no effect on the martian tripods.

Not knowing the rules, it is hard to know in which direction the bias will fall, but the box set looks to hold two fairly balanced forces, which will have to play in entirely different styles. It certainly make me more curious to see how the game itself plays out.

Will you step up and support All Quiet On the Martian Front?