New Strategy Game Allegiance Live Now On Kickstarter!

March 28, 2014 by brennon

Underground Games have headed to Kickstarter to bring their awesome looking card game Allegiance: A Realm Divided to the tabletop. See what you think of this one below…

Allegiance Game Contents

The game sees you battling as a hero looking to beat their opponent and secure a win for the side of Good or indeed Evil. There are going to be ten heroes to pick from and as you can see above there is a wealth of other cards and gubbins in this game too!

Ranger Hero

Necromancer Hero

Paladin Hero

Above is some of the amazing artwork that you’ll get to see during the game. The Ranger, Necromancer, and Paladin all look amazing and like a mix between Diablo characters and Magic The Gathering ones.

One of the things you can see above is the ability to level up your heroes unlocking, amongst other things, new powers which have a cool down mechanic which is a little bit like an online RPG. I like this already as it means you’ll be racing against the other player to make sure they don’t get their fancy new power off!

Item Cards

There are of course a whole bunch of item and ally cards for you to pick up as well that will be helping you in your journey. If you want to see how the game plays then check out the video above and see what you think of the mechanics.

Does this look like a game for you?