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Alternative Armies Is Going To The Dogs With The Rache Carabiniers

443 days ago 4

Alternative Armies has a new set out for Flintloque, Rache Carabiniers.

Alternative Armies’ Runic Golem Pre-Orders Now Up

500 days ago 4

Alternative Armies have added their Dwarf Runic Golem onto their webstore for pre-order. You can see it finally all painted up below looking ready for battle with cogs whirring…

Alternative Armies Runic Dwarf Golem Is Marching To War

510 days ago 2

Alternative Armies have been working on a Dwarf Runic Golem that can be used in your 28mm Fantasy wargaming. The components for it have been finished off and it’s almost ready to add to the webstore…

Get Your Army Out Of The Doghouse With Alternative Armies

537 days ago 3

Alternative Armies has released some very interesting miniatures to be used in black powder games.

Alternative Armies’ Demonic Tree Makes Deforestation Dangerous

812 days ago 3

Alternative Armies have come out with new sinister sylvan entity, driven by evil spirits to search for your blood. A walk through the woods is far less pleasant when you have to deal with Demonic Trees.

What Your Table Needs is Some Dwarf Adventurers!

918 days ago 4

Alternative Armies have released a couple new bands of characters for your dwarven armies with their Dwarf Adventurers and their Dwarf Polearms. Whether you need brains, brawn or booze, Alternative Armies have you covered.

Alternative Armies Summons The Eternal Guard Into Undeath

931 days ago 3

Alternative Armies have resurrected some mighty undead warriors from beyond the grave to do your bidding on the tabletop!

New Gnomish Legions Added to Alternative Armies’- DH2

960 days ago 3

Alternative Armies just released 2 new gnome legions for their DH2 line. You can now have the Gnomish Legion- Halflings and the Gnomish Legion- Gnomes on your tabletop!