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Ammon Miniatures Have a Lumberjack and He’s Okay

1175 days ago 8

There are few jobs more manly than that of a Lumberjack, high heels and all, and Ammon Miniatures’ latest sculpt is just such a man.

Bring Down A Bionic Giant With Ammon’s Anna

1350 days ago 3

Check out another limited edition miniature from Ammon. Does this one meet with your seal of approval?

Hours Left for Ammon’s Fantasy Wrestling

1377 days ago Comments Off

Ammon have only a few hours left for their IndieGoGo to create funding for their game of fantasy wrestling Da Clash so this is your last chance to get into the ring.

Da Clash Stretches for an Epic Mustache

1383 days ago 3

Ammon’s fund raiser on IndieGoGo to get support for Da Clash, the game of fantasy wrestling, has only got a few days left and is now heading for a stretch goal to create a mini with some epic facial hair.

Get Ready to Wrestle as Ammon enter the IndieGoGo Ring

1403 days ago 3

Ammon miniatures, makers of a fantastic range of characterful miniatures, have set up an IndieGoGo campaign to fund a new form of fantasy sport. We’ve had fantasy football. Now it is time for fantasy wrestling!

Ammon Release A Pair Of Stunning Limited Edition Miniatures

1451 days ago 4

Check out this pair of fantastic miniatures from Ammon. Both of them are part of a limited edition set so if you want them you better get over there quick!

Ammon Miniatures’ Ugly Jester Franky Turns Evil!

1596 days ago 1

Evil Franky is looking for someone to kill with Ammon Miniatures!

OMG Ammon’s New Mini is Cool

1730 days ago 15

Ammon have announced a new range of limited edition minis of beautiful girls on beautiful vehicles they are calling OMG.