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Get Your Ass To Mars With New Netrunner Cycle By FFG

17 days ago 1

The latest cycle of card packs from Fantasy Flight Games for Android: Netrunner is taking you away from Earth towards Mars. Yes, it’s time to get all of your Total Recall quotes ready.

Weekender XLBS: Ghostbusters On Tabletop & Screen + Hacking Into Android: Netrunner

Weekender XLBS: Ghostbusters On The Tabletop & Screen + Hacking Into Android: Netrunner

103 days ago 52

Relax with us today as we delve into the hacker world of Android: Netrunner and Lloyd gives us his thoughts on Ghostbusters!

Fantasy Flight Set You Up For A Netrunner Bout With New Mat

154 days ago 7

Fantasy Flight Games have always produced some wonderful mats and this latest one for Android: Netrunner is no different. Here we have the System Breach Two-Player Mat which gives you the space for two players to duke it out on the tabletop…

Get Down To Business With Android Netrunner’s New Pack

231 days ago 3

Fantasy Flight Games have now released the latest Data Pack for Android: Netrunner. You’ll be getting to the point of it with Business First where we get a new identity for the Jinteki Corporation…

The Mumbad Cycle Begins For Android Netrunner With First Data Pack

273 days ago Comments Off

Fantasy Flight Games have now released the first Data Pack in the Mumbad Cycle, Kala Ghoda. Android: Netrunner moves to the East with this cycle and explores all manner of interesting cards for both Runners and Corporations…

Snap Up New Draft Packs For Android: Netrunner

275 days ago Comments Off

Their Draft Packs for Android: Netrunner, of which we now have a new set – Hardwired, give you options for assembling a random deck using new identities for both Runners and Corporations…

Weekender XLBS: Enhancing Your Gaming & Tweaking The Rules

Weekender XLBS: Enhancing Your Gaming & Tweaking The Rules

285 days ago 139

Welcome to a relaxed Sunday
morning where we’re discussing
some more of the news
from this week and looking
at how you might both
enhance your games
AND your gaming

Play Like A Champion In Android: Netrunner With FFG Pro Decks

290 days ago 11

Living Card Games from Fantasy Flight Games are pretty impressive in of themselves. Now you can elevate your game to the top with these pre-built decks.

New Stories Come To The World Of Fantasy Flight’s Android

314 days ago 1

Fantasy Flight Games are going to be working on bringing more fiction to the world of Android. The first two stories, Monster Slayer and Monitor are coming soon written by Daniel Lovat Clark and Leigh Alexander respectively…

FFG Build Their Android World With Premium Background Book

350 days ago 8

We talked about The World Of Android before with much gusto and I still believe this is a great step in the right direction to have a sourcebook delving into the background of the Android world Fantasy Flight has built and it now has a premium edition!

Android: Netrunner’s Data & Destiny Expansion Now Available

364 days ago Comments Off

Fantasy Flight Games have now released the Data & Destiny Deluxe Expansion for Android: Netrunner that brings in three new runners, more Corporation identities for the NBN news network and more…

Fantasy Flight Take You Into The Cyberpunk World Of Android

372 days ago 2

Fantasy Flight Games have announced that later this year they are going to be releasing a new book delving into the background and World Of Android. This Cyberpunk world, in a future not too far away from our own, this looks like a great book for fans of the universe…

Is Your FLGS Part Of The Championship Circuit For FFG?

389 days ago Comments Off

Fantasy Flight Games has released information about the upcoming 2016 In Store Championships.

Talk Business In New Netrunner Mumbad Data Pack

427 days ago 1

The newest Data Pack for the Mumbad Cycle in Android: Netrunner has been revealed by Fantasy Flight. The focus of Business First is not only on covering up the misdeeds of your mega corporation but also uncovering them as the Runner. See what you think…

Be Famous In New Data Pack For Android Netrunner

447 days ago Comments Off

Fantasy Flight Games are looking to make you famous in the latest Data Pack for Android: Netrunner. Old Hollywood gives NBN (the advertising mega-corporation) a new identity which limits the runner and more tricks for both sides…