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Community Spotlight: Samurai, Experimental Soldiers & Tonnes Of Tanks!

Community Spotlight: Samurai, Experimental Soldiers & Tonnes Of Tanks!


Come and check out some more amazing painting from the community!

Cipher Studios Have Sad News As Anima Tactics Is Discontinued


Cipher Studios have today issued a rather sad press statement declaring that their long running miniatures skirmish game Anima Tactics is to be discontinued.

Anima Tactics Gets Cursed Archer October In July!


See what you make of this new cursed archer called October coming to spoil your summer for Anima Tactics.

Cipher Preview Their October Additions To Hell Dorado


Cipher Studios have dived into Hell and back to bring you some previews of the models coming in October.

The Anima Tactics Holy Empire Gains A New Sword


Check out another work-in-progress sculpt from Cipher Studios as they add to the Anima Tactics range.

Cross Blades with the Latest Releases of Anima Tactics

Cross Blades with the Latest Releases of Anima Tactics


Three new miniatures are appearing for Anima Tactics, ranging from a heavily armoured ornate warrior to a monstrous hound from the depths of nightmares.

Gear Up for Anima Tactics


Cipher have been busy with the Robotech Kickstarter and the upcoming expansion for Hell Dorado, but Anima Tactics is not being ignored with a couple of new previews having just appeared.

Magic Versus Faith From Cipher Studios

Magic Versus Faith From Cipher Studios


Check out two awesome looking model sets
that will be added to both the Anima
Tactics line and the Hell Dorado one.
Which of them will you be picking up?

The Mighty Mikhail Prepares for Anima Tactics


Cipher Studios have published a preview of the new sculpt joining Anima Tactics, the mighty Mikhail.

A Shadowy Figure Stalks Into Anima Tactics


Check out a superbly painted miniature that will be making it’s way to your Anima Tactics tabletop very soon from Cipher Studios.

Bring Anima to Your Computer Screen in Anima Gate of Memories


The popular RPG and table top skirmish game setting of Anima is now hoping to take a step into the world of video gaming with this Kickstarter for Anima Gate of Memories!

Cipher Studios Ship Out More Anima Tactics Beauties


Anima Tactics says hello to two more awesome miniatures. Check them out within…

Cipher Add a Feline Fighter to Anima Tactics


Cipher have just previewed an upcoming miniature which will be joining the world of Anima Tactics in the future. Say hi to Kudoi. Just don’t call him a furry.

Cipher Add Two Heroes and a Monster to Anima Tactics


Cipher have announced the release of three new miniatures for Anima Tactics, including one which has to be one of the strangest and most twisted creatures in the range.

Anima Tactics Gets a Special Delivery


Cipher have posted up a quick preview of a new miniature which will be joining the Azur Alliance in Anima Tactics. Meet Juliette Kaim.

The Horrifying Type 009 Arrives in Anima Tactics


Will you engage the dangerous Type 009 in Anima Tactics?

Cipher Takes Anima Tactics to Church


Cipher have started shipping out some new stuff for Anima Tactics, including one lovely young lady named Anna Never and the Church Boxed set to get you started in ecclesiastical matters.

Nature’s Wrath for Anima Tactics


Darrell checks out the incarnation of earth energy… Nature’s Wrath… from Anima Tactics.

Anima Tactics Welcomes The Wolf and A Saint


Anima Tactics looks at both sides of the coin with their newest releases.

Anima Tactics Welcomes Two More Lovely Ladies


Cipher Studios draft in two new lovely ladies to the world of Anima Tactics.