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Another World On IndieGoGo Champions New Heroes

742 days ago 2

Another World are back on IndieGoGo with another campaign that is coming to an end soon. It focuses on three new models for the range which you can see below as well as a neat extra model too.

Another World Take Their Heroic Sculpts To IndieGoGo

961 days ago 1

See how Another World Miniatures are doing on Kickstarter with some of their existing miniatures line and more in the pipeline hopefully going to be funded.

Another World’s Nurse Will Take Your Temperature

1027 days ago 4

See what else Another World Miniatures have up their sleeves with the new release of Jenny the Nurse for their line-up of female miniatures.

Another World Start Their 30mm Miniature Collection!

1032 days ago 0

See what Another World has to offer with their new set of 30mm releases.