Go Diving In Antenociti’s Workshop’s Dumpsters & More

July 24, 2017 by stvitusdancern

Antenociti’s Workshop has announced some new scatter terrain for their  “Survival” range which covers Modern, near-future and post-apocalyptic gaming in 28mm.  Within in these new offerings, you will find some of those items that add just that little bit more to the game experience.

For starters, there are the Construction Pallets: A large set of six highly detailed wooden pallets & double-pallets with various different construction materials on them.

While you are setting up a construction site for battling zombies or what not you could add some Construction Work Lights: A set of four pre-painted, weathered, MDF construction work lights.

Since safety is always a major concern during a zombie apocalypse why not grab some Safety Railings: A large set of pre-painted safety railings made of 3mm MDF. This set consists of 20 individual railings for a total length of 1.2 meters (RL) cover.

One major problem always arises during the systematic elimination of those pesky undead people and that is where do you put them? Didn’t your mother always tell you to pick up after yourself?

Well now you can with these Skips/Dumpsters; A set of two pre-painted MDF Skips (Dumpsters for our friends across the pond) with one highly-detailed resin insert (unpainted) of “trash” to fit in one of the skips.

My only question is why is it called a skip? You don’t skip trash into it. You dump it in!

Lastly, there are those barrier devices that help to channel those pesky undead people into kill zones and keep them away from your loved ones so they don’t lose their brains.

K-Rails are a set of resin-cast K-Rails for 28mm games. Six K-Rails per set, each measuring 100 x 15 x 22 mm. Also, there are Jersey Barriers: A set of eight unpainted resin-cast Jersey Barriers for 28mm games. Unpainted, decals not included.

Jersey Barriers 1

All in all, not a bad little collection of scatter terrain. I can see a lot of use out of these. I would look at grabbing some for your next game.

What game would you use them in?

"Since safety is always a major concern during a zombie apocalypse..."