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The Nereids Of Deep Wars Get Their Caller Of The Deep

17 days ago 5

Floating through the undersea world of Deep Wars Antimatter Games has now added another Nereid to their collection. Here we have Amatheia, Caller Of The Deep and her deadly shark companion too.

Submersibles Are On The Horizon For DeepWars From Antimatter Games

25 days ago 3

The wonderful underwater tabletop game of DeepWars is getting some love this year in the way of new miniatures. If that isn’t exciting enough, Antimatter Games has announced that submersibles are in the works for a Kickstarter in the near future!

Antimatter Answer The Call Of The Siren Maneater In Deep Wars

88 days ago 9

Deep Wars welcomes another new model to its world as the Siren Maneater goes up for pre-order over on their Antimatter Games webstore.

The Dagathonan Reef Lord Dives Into DeepWars

101 days ago 6

DeepWars welcomes another addition to the Scaly Horde as Antimatter Games adds the Dagathonan Reef Lord to their webstore for pre-order.

Have A Whale Of A Time With AntiMatter’s Deep Sea Scenery

103 days ago 11

AntiMatter Games have two new models up for pre-order to bring the hazards of the deep sea to your tabletop. The rotting remains of one of the sea’s greatest denizens and a tantalizing yet lethal mollusk.

Antimatter Games Shows Off Their New Card Decks For 2017

130 days ago 1

Out with the old and in with the new. As 2016 comes to a close, Antimatter Games thought they’d show off the changes they’ve made to their card decks for Deep Wars for 2017.

A Monstrous Sea Serpent Swims Into Blood Reef For Deep Wars

158 days ago 2

A monstrous Sea Serpent is swimming his way into Blood Reef for Deep Wars. Antimatter Games has created a massive monster for the Nereids, as he’s 100mm in length!

A Kraken Is Lurking In The Depths Of Blood Reef In Deep Wars

186 days ago 1

A massive, tentacly threat lies beneath the depths in Blood Reef. This week Antimatter Games is showing off a fantastic piece of art from their Blood Reef supplement for Deep Wars, where the DeepStar Kraken makes its appearance.

Icthelion, Lord Of The Seas Takes Shape For DeepWars

193 days ago 2

AntiMatter Games have revealed another of their work-in-progress pieces coming to DeepWars as part of Blood Reef. Bow down before the might of Icthelion, Lord of the Seas!

The Doom Clam Traps You In The Depths For Antimatter’s Deep Wars

199 days ago 5

A rather ginormus Doom Clam has made an appearance in social media from Antimatter Games for their fantastic underwater world of Deep Wars. Not only does this big guy look amazing, he promises to offer plenty of trouble for its enemies on the table.

Descend To Deep Wars In The Ancients Of Atalan Submarine

218 days ago 4

Submersible vehicles are coming to Deep Wars in the upcoming Blood Reef expansion and Antimatter have revealed the art for the one coming out for the Ancients of Atalan.

Amatheia Calls To The Creatures Of Deep Wars

220 days ago 6

The waters of Deep Wars are going to become far more dangerous as Antimatter reveal Amatheia, the Caller of the Deep.

A Deep Sea Dragon Takes Shape From Antimatter Games

231 days ago 3

The Sea Serpent Warbeast has come to life with some new render work by Antimatter Games for their Deep Wars game and Blood Reef. Take a look…

Silver Death Flashes A Fin In The Depths Of Deep Wars

233 days ago 8

AntiMatter Games released a couple of still shots of one of the dangers lurking in the depths of Deep Wars, the Silver Death.

A Sea Goblin Hero Scuttles Out In Glory From AntiMAtter Games

241 days ago 3

AntiMatter Games have published new piece of concept art for the upcoming hero of the Sea Goblins, a magnificent leader known only as Snortgut the Terrible.