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A Monstrous Sea Serpent Swims Into Blood Reef For Deep Wars

18 days ago 2

A monstrous Sea Serpent is swimming his way into Blood Reef for Deep Wars. Antimatter Games has created a massive monster for the Nereids, as he’s 100mm in length!

A Kraken Is Lurking In The Depths Of Blood Reef In Deep Wars

45 days ago 1

A massive, tentacly threat lies beneath the depths in Blood Reef. This week Antimatter Games is showing off a fantastic piece of art from their Blood Reef supplement for Deep Wars, where the DeepStar Kraken makes its appearance.

Icthelion, Lord Of The Seas Takes Shape For DeepWars

52 days ago 2

AntiMatter Games have revealed another of their work-in-progress pieces coming to DeepWars as part of Blood Reef. Bow down before the might of Icthelion, Lord of the Seas!

The Doom Clam Traps You In The Depths For Antimatter’s Deep Wars

58 days ago 5

A rather ginormus Doom Clam has made an appearance in social media from Antimatter Games for their fantastic underwater world of Deep Wars. Not only does this big guy look amazing, he promises to offer plenty of trouble for its enemies on the table.

Descend To Deep Wars In The Ancients Of Atalan Submarine

77 days ago 4

Submersible vehicles are coming to Deep Wars in the upcoming Blood Reef expansion and Antimatter have revealed the art for the one coming out for the Ancients of Atalan.

Amatheia Calls To The Creatures Of Deep Wars

79 days ago 6

The waters of Deep Wars are going to become far more dangerous as Antimatter reveal Amatheia, the Caller of the Deep.

A Deep Sea Dragon Takes Shape From Antimatter Games

90 days ago 3

The Sea Serpent Warbeast has come to life with some new render work by Antimatter Games for their Deep Wars game and Blood Reef. Take a look…

Silver Death Flashes A Fin In The Depths Of Deep Wars

93 days ago 8

AntiMatter Games released a couple of still shots of one of the dangers lurking in the depths of Deep Wars, the Silver Death.

A Sea Goblin Hero Scuttles Out In Glory From AntiMAtter Games

100 days ago 3

AntiMatter Games have published new piece of concept art for the upcoming hero of the Sea Goblins, a magnificent leader known only as Snortgut the Terrible.

Antimatter Games Shows Off The “Beautiful” Sea Hag Of Blood Reef

105 days ago 3

Looks like sharks aren’t the only concern in Blood Reef. Antimatter Games has shown off their artwork for the “beautiful” Sea Hag from their recent Kickstarter.

Antimatter Games Adds Some “Big” Terrain To DeepWars

129 days ago 6

Antimatter Games has just released images of some “big” terrain for their stunning underwater world of DeepWars. Not everything is pretty underwater, so they’ve added a massive whale carcass as part of their recent Blood Reef Kickstarter.

Command The Seas With The Deep Wars Dagathonan Reef Lord

139 days ago 4

Taking control of the oceans we have this deadly new character for the world of Deep Wars by Anti-Matter Games; the Dagathonan Reef Lord.

Antimatter Games Teases Art For Blood Reef Expansion

163 days ago 4

What happens when you take your average school of piranha and tech them out? You end up with some very scary and very strong robofish for the Ancients of Atalan of Deep Wars.

Antimatter Games Announce Two New Minis For Deep Wars This Month

164 days ago 1

The fantastic underwater world of Deep Wars is gaining a couple new useful models for their factions this month. The Fortune Hunters are getting a Combat Engineer and the Ancients of Atalan are getting themselves a Medic.

Antimatter Games Shows Off Their Huge Shark From Blood Reef

170 days ago 4

If you ever wondered what a massive shark would look like in a 28mm miniature, then wonder no more! Antimatter Games are showing off their giant from the recent Deep Wars: Blood Reef Kickstarter.