Anvil Industry Call In The Predator Strike Drones

March 31, 2014 by brennon

Anvil Industry have shown off some more previews for the future of their Afterlife line. See what you make of this nice looking Predator Strike Drone and alternative Exo-Mech which is the Lancer…

Predator Strike Drone

Tracer Light Exo-Mech

The Drone is of course going to be available to Kickstarter backers first who pledged for the Vanguard Pack but it will also come to retail later. It has a wingspan of 50mm and comes packed with guns and rockets for taking on enemies.

With that in mind you might want to pick up the Tracer Exo-Mech which comes with all the latest hi-tech kit and fires that epic looking Missile Mortar into the midst of infantry. Maybe if you arched one just right you could hit the Drone in the sky!

Do you think you’ll be checking out their extra bits and pieces at Salute?

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