Anvil Set Up An Alternative Snipers Nest

July 26, 2013 by brennon

Anvil Industry, by popular demand, have created some alternative snipers for their scouting range. Check out these soldiers below that could be taking up a new position in the trees even now!

New Anvil Sniper Sculpts

As you can see this gives you access to some alternative heads and some extra cloaks for hiding in the wilds. I quite like the Soap McTavish style sniper on the far left rocking the mohawk.

The Anvil Industry snipers have been pretty top notch so far and although a few people don’t like the stances I think that’s fine. They are genetically engineered super humans so I’m sure they could steady the rifle in their arms. Added to that they probably have some way of compensating for the kick in their armoured arms.

I like adding a bit more fluff to proceedings!