Grab Anvil’s Afterlife Troopers For UCM & Republic Forces Now!

March 14, 2014 by brennon

Anvil Industry have finished sending out their mass of miniatures for Kickstarter backers and now the actual figures for Afterlife, being the Unity Council and Republic, are available to the public.

Afterlife Republic

Afterlife UCM

First up we have these two sets, which actually amount to ten man squads. Above are the Republic Grenadiers and the UCM Corp all painted up exceptionally well to add even more drool factor.

UCM Ajax

Republic Raider

As well as the troopers we also have these battlesuits to go along with them. In order we have the Unity Ajax and the Republic Raider both looking to bring some serious firepower to the tabletop.


On top of this you can also get your hands on a neat Tractor with a mounted gun for when you don’t want to risk your own troops in a certain engagement.

There is also going to be a selection of new previews and of course all these chaps on offer come Salute 2014!

Which side are you, UCM or Republic?

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