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Salute 2011 – Critical Mass Games

1861 days ago 2

Check out one of our Salute 2011 videos brought back from the archive, to get you all fired up about this year’s event!

Remember to check the Critical Mass website for more cool models due out this year.

Critical Mass Objective Satellite

1942 days ago 4

New Objective for ARC Fleet from Critical Mass Games.

New Praesentia Releases From Critical Mass

2100 days ago 1

Critical Mass have some new releases for the Praesentia forces. Check out these troops and vehicles.

New Robotic Minis From Critical Mass

2105 days ago 3

Critical Mass have a new robotic addition to their 15mm sci-fi range, the Praesentia Assault RAL.

Critical Mass Have Gone Critical

2146 days ago 8

Critical Mass have some new 15mm robotic infantry in the works, ready to be sent marching across the battle fields of the future and with their release set for August that future may just be closer than you think.

Critical Mass Release New 15mm Jet Bikes

2156 days ago 8

If your in the mood for some 15mm Sci-Fi models than Critical Mass have just the thing for you with their new June releases.

Critical Mass – ARC Fleet Otilium Refinery

2181 days ago 14

Darrell gets a look at some 15mm Sci-Fi terrain from Critical mass, but what about you guy’s are there any games you know of that would fit these kits?

New Battlesuits from Critical Mass Games

2190 days ago 4

Do you need some bigger hardware for your 15mm sci-fi games?

Then look no further than the latest battlesuits from Critical Mass Games

A new set of 15mm Bunkers from Critical Mass

2216 days ago 1

Following a great show at Salute 2011, Critical Mass Games have released their new set of Arc Fleet 15mm bunkers.