Explore Arcadia in Cool Mini Or Not’s New Game

February 18, 2014 by dracs

Cool Mini Or Not have a board game to tickle our adventurer taste buds, prepare to explore an ancient city and fight a vampire lord in Arcadia Quest.

Arcadia Quest

In Arcadia Quest, up to four players each have control of a guild of three heroes. They must face off against each other and the various monsters of the game as they explore the ancient city of Arcadia through a series of branching campaign scenarios.

Arcadia Quest

The game looks to be building upon the fun chibi style of Soda Pop Miniatures’ Super Dungeon Explore, while providing players a completely new gameplay experience. The idea of controlling a hero guild is an intriguing one, essentially giving each of the players control over an adventuring party, rather than being restricted to one member.

Arcadia Quest Content

Do you guys like the sound of Arcadia Quest?