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Arcane Factories Season One Kickstarter Ending Soon!

1150 days ago 4

Arcane Factories Season One Kickstarter is coming to a close over the next few days and it would be awesome to see them unlock the next stretch goals so we can get those epic looking miniatures! See what you think of their work so far…

Fire Mages & A Herald Of Death Come To Arcane Kickstarter

1153 days ago 1

Fantastical Fire Mages and horrifying Heralds of Death are added to the list of awesome miniatures coming out of the Arcane Factories Kickstarter…

Arcane Factories Wind Up A Dragon Punch From Lao Zhong!

1161 days ago 3

See what you think of this fiery individual who is going to be mastering the power of dragons to land one epic punch for Arcane Factories.

New Company Arcane Factories Kicks Off It’s Fundraiser

1172 days ago 0

See what you think of the fundraiser for Arcane Factories that has already done really well on Kickstarter!

Arcane Factories Warrior Women Heading To Kickstarter Soon

1175 days ago 1

See what you think of the renders that have been shown off by Arcane Factories.