New Company Arcane Factories Kicks Off It’s Fundraiser

May 8, 2014 by brennon

We mentioned Arcane Factories not long ago and their Kickstarter launched yesterday and is already half way towards it’s funding goal. See what you think of some of the prototypes for the kind of fantasy, sci-fi and steampunk miniatures they have on offer…

Painted Prototypes

Scale Reference

So as you can see they are doing a selection of miniatures that cross pretty much all the genres you could think of and the pledge goals for the future are looking to unlock more feisty females and even a few male miniatures too.

All of their miniatures fit into the heroic proportioned 28mm scale so you could drop them into your army or indeed use them as a role-playing hero.

I think these guys, for a smaller company, seem to have their head screwed on and haven’t set a crazy goal either. They also are creating some very nice looking miniatures to boot. It would be great to see these guys succeed I reckon!

What do you think?