ArcWorlde Unlocks The Wild Elves Of Caledon

August 8, 2013 by brennon

If none of the warbands for ArcWorlde caught your fancy then maybe this one will. Warploque Miniatures have put a lot of work into this awesome looking group of Wild Elves from Caledon.

Wild Elves of Calédon

“On the mysterious isle of Calédon, a land shrouded in mist off the coast of Albionnica, dwell the Wild Elves. Huge, fey and barbaric; they slay all who attempt to invade their forests with stone blades and summoned creatures, sacrificing those who survive to their dark and heathen gods.”

Now those are some scary looking Elves. I like that they have been made as gnarled and sharp faced as the wooden fellows that make up part of the motley crew.

The future is bright for this Kickstarter too. Extra Warbands and Wizards are just around the corner!

What do you think?