Warploque’s ArcWorlde Bursts Stretch Goals!

August 3, 2013 by brennon

Warploque Miniatures have been doing exceedingly well with their ArcWorlde Kickstarter and below you can see some of the unlocked models. This certainly looks like a nice game indeed!

Albionnican Crossbowman

Bayourk Boglins Feegus and Moonshine

Halfling Bowman & Spearman

Undead Pirate Crewman

First up are these range of reinforcements for the main boxed set warbands. They are all looking just as good but I have to say that the Albionnican forces are right up there as my punt for this game. That’s closely followed by the Halflings though.

Bull River Troll

As well as the little guys they have also got this monstrous Bull River Troll in the works and he is one superb beast! You can’t have a skirmish based game without a few big beefy additions to the cause!

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