Warploque’s ArcWorlde Heads Into The Jungle!

August 16, 2013 by brennon

Warploque Miniatures are still going strong with ArcWorlde and they have shown off some additional bits and pieces for their world of fantasy adventure.


First up we have these large chunks of Arcanite that can be used for basing your models and as tokens within your games of ArcWorlde. This is actual ‘shiny’ and could make a base pop.

Dagga Dixie

Jungle Gremlin Big Chief

As well as that the greenskins have got some interesting looking miniatures on the horizon. First off is Dagga Dixie…

“Hailing from the stinking Cayjon Swamplands, Dagga Dixie is infamous amongst the Bayourk tribes that populate them. An Undead Pirate raid wiped out his whole tribe when he was but a youngling, leaving him with a deep resentment for all the non-living. Armed with his trademark crossbow, he wanders the world alone, on a never-ending quest to rid it of as many undead as possible. Every kill takes him some way towards avenging his fallen tribesfolk.”

…and he’s followed by the Jungle Gremlin Big Chief! If they hit £35,000 then they will unlock this next warband taking the total up to a mighty six.

Looking great!