Warploque Wish A Merry Christmas with Father Griffmas

November 17, 2014 by dracs

It may just be November, but Warploque are already getting into the seasonal spirit as they preview their special 2014 Christmas model Father Griffmas.

Father Griffmas and Coodolf the Griffling

Father Griffmas, accompanied by Coodolf the Griffling, doesn’t look all that much like the fat, jolly Santa we all know. But then, this is the world of ArcWorlde. Father Griffmas obviously has to know how to wield that massive chopper.

This model will be heading up for pre-order on the 24th November and will go on general release come the 1st December, making him an excellent piece to share the seasonal greetings with your fellow ArcWorlde fans.

Does Father Griffmas put you in the Griffmas spirit?

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