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The Sands Of Arena Rex Welcome The New Hero Iocasta


Red Republic Games has been showing off their new hero, Iocasta, who has been taken to the sands of Arena Rex to prove herself.

The Tribune Steps Into Arena Rex This GenCon


Red Republic Games have put up the stat card for the Tribune, one of the new warriors stepping into Arena Rex at this year’s GenCon.

Leika Is Available To All From Arena Rex


Red Republic Games’ Arena Rex has a new female gladiator and she does not like to lose.

Weekender XLBS: Building Your Collection; Bespoke Miniatures Or Masses Of Plastic?

Weekender XLBS: Bespoke Miniatures Vs Masses Of Plastic?


Sit down and relax with us as we
talk skeletal hordes and building
up your collection with all
manner of miniatures.

Community Spotlight: Bushido Gremlins, 6mm Armies & Monstrous Mythological Beasts

Community Spotlight: Bushido Gremlins, 6mm Armies & Monstrous Mythological Beasts


Come and join us for another delve into the awesomeness from the community.

Dextarius & Ywain Rides Onto The Sands Of Arena Rex


Dextarius has now ridden out from Area Rex to join the fighting in their epic Fantasy/Historical game of blood and guts on the sands. See what you think of this rather wonderful looking sculpt.

Community Spotlight: Warriors, Wolves & Walkers

Community Spotlight: Warriors, Wolves & Walkers


We’re back with another awesome Community Spotlight looking at what you folks have been up to in the Hobby & Painting Forum.

The Zephyri Welcome The Wild Caho-Ta & Hroka To Arena Rex


Arena Rex have added a new character to the mix for the Zephyri. However, it’s not just the new wild warrior Hroka that you have to look forward too as the mount Caho-Ta is riding into the arena too.

Arena Rex Announce New Combatant Ywain To Make The Crowd Cheer


At this year’s GenCon, people had the chance to pick up a new fighter for Arena Rex. However, if you didn’t get there don’t worry as Ywain the Bastard Knight has been announced for release later this year.

Valen Battles His Way Into Arena Rex At Gen Con


Previously revealed at AdeptiCon this year Valen is now going to be available for pre-release at Gen Con tomorrow for Arena Rex.

Gladiator Khepros Takes To The Sands Of Arena Rex


Arena Rex have now added their latest Gladiator, Khepros, to their webstore after an initial small release at AdeptiCon.

Arena Rex Gets A New Gladiator From Red Republic Games


Red Republic Games’ Arena Rex has a new gladiator and he is pretty wild.

Winter Sales Watch – Found Any Good Bargains Online?


Just like last year now is the time where we start to see a lot of the bargains popping up online in time for Christmas. We’ve collated a few of them but this is by no means all of them…

Weekender XLBS: The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse

Weekender XLBS: The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse Strike On Kickstarter!


Phew it’s been quite a weekend.
With that in mind sit back and
relax with us as we chill for
The Weekender XLBS…

Arena Rex Cheers For Hagal As He Hits The Bloodied Sands


Hagal has been added to the Zephryi gladiatorial line-up for Arena Rex. This raging and tattooed warrior is going to be smashing aside shields and bringing low monsters with his intricate looking axe and a chipped and well worn sword…

Starter Sets Now Available For Gladiatorial Combat In Arena Rex


The roar of the crowd as you hit the sands of Arena Rex just became a much more welcoming prospect with the addition of new Ludus Starter Sets for the game. There are four of them right now each featuring three different miniatures, statistic cards and a rulebook to get you started…

Don’t Get Turned Into Stone By Arena Rex’s Medusa


Arena Rex have been working on a new model for their gladiatorial combat game. This new warrior will turn you to stone as she stabs you with her deadly looking spear. See what you think of Medusa…

The Arena Rex Fighting Pits Are Open For Business


The amazing models for Arena Rex are now available from their webstore! A whole range of models are on offer. You can also get the Rulebook too!

Crowds Roar as Three Models are Unleashed on Arena Rex’s Store


The first three pot-Kickstarter models of Arena Rex have been unleashed on the newly launched webstore!

Grab Arena Rex’s WiP Septimus And Nero By the Horns


Arena Rex’s wave one pledges have nearly all been sent out meaning people will soon get their hands on this game of fantasy gladiatorial combat. Soon they will be able to move onto Wave two, just as soon as they finish production on Septimus and Nero.