Grab The War Of The Ring Anniversary Book, Guide & Board

October 3, 2016 by brennon

Ares Games are continuing to take pre-orders for some of the components within the Anniversary Edition Of War Of The Ring 2nd Edition. See what you make of the Game Book, Guide & Board.

War Of The Ring

For those of you who missed out on the Anniversary Edition of the game you can now pre-order parts of it for yourself.

“…it’s the chance to become the owner of a set of very special items: an extra-size War of the Ring gameboard (two boards, each 64 x 88 cm) with UV and hot foil printing; the deluxe edition of the Game Rules (56 pages); the Strategy Companion written by Kristofer Bengtsson (104 pages). Each of these two volumes is hardbound, with quarter binding in cloth paper and hot-foil imprint on the slipcase.”

As a guide to just how big the new version of the game board is, take a look…

Anniversary Release

It’s rather insane but perfect for those of you who are die-hard Tolkien fans. There are only 500 copies of these for you to get your hands on and the pre-orders end on Wednesday 5th October 2016 so if you want the books and board you’ll need to be on it sharpish.

Are you tempted?