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Ares Mythologic’s Mighty Ourh-hug Makes His Way To The Tabletop

240 days ago 1

Ares Mythologic put together a rather superb looking sculpt for the mighty Ourh-hug, a massive troll like creature, for your Fantasy gaming.

Summon Eldritch Power With Figone’s Merlaun

340 days ago 5

Figone have added the new Merlaun Wizard figure to their range by Ares Mythologic.

Weekender XLBS: Halfling Armies, Mechanicus Week Cometh & More

Weekender XLBS: Halfling Armies, Mechanicus Week Cometh & More

582 days ago 55

Happy Sunday and Merry
Christmas once again! We’re
letting you in on what’s
happening over the Holiday
season and chatting
about some awesome
miniatures coming our way…

Ares Mythological Get Brutal & Barbaric With Zhork-Seth

587 days ago 3

Ares Mythological have another mighty warrior in their 75mm collection. See what you make of the killer armed with axe and sword, Zhork-Seth.

Ares Mythologic Reveal Dark Storm Steampunk Heroines

1323 days ago 2

See what you think of Ares Mythologic and their new range of miniatures for the world of Dark Storm.