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Q&A Time With Titan-Forge! X-Terra, Armymals, Metal Beards & More…

922 days ago 6

With the X-Terra Space Force Vs Daemonic Kingdoms Kickstarter in full swing we sat down with Titan-Forge’s Roman Łakomiak to discuss Titan-Forge and their rather up and down relationship with the fundraising platform and what they’ve learned from the process.

Print Out and Play the Furry Fights of Armymals

1120 days ago 1

The Armymals board game from Titan Forge has managed to gain over twice its funding goal on Kickstarter, and now you can try the game out as a printable version has been made available.

The War of the Armymals Sweeps Across Kickstarter

1130 days ago 1

Nature has always been about survival of the fittest, but now Titan Forge have made it about who has the better tanks as Armymals hits Kickstarter.

A Squeaky Mech Squirrel Stomps Over Armymals

1133 days ago 1

The Armymals Kickstarter will be marching out at the end of the week and at its head will march one of the most unusual mechs ever: behold the mighty Mechasquirrel!

The Animal Kingdom Goes to War on Kickstarter in Armymals

The Animal Kingdom Goes to War on Kickstarter in Armymals

1141 days ago 6

Titan Forge are preparing to bring a new board game to Kickstarter this month, one in which the fur is going to fly as the animal kingdom goes to war in Armymals.