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Scour The Streets Of London With Artizan’s Whitechapel Specials

336 days ago 5

Building upon their FOG range once again we have a look at more from Artizan Designs as they show off the Whitechapel Specials.

Join The Crew Of The Hesperus With Artizan Designs

341 days ago 1

Artizan Designs have added to their Steampunk range in the world of FOG with the Crew of the Hesperus led by Captain Pettigrew!

Artizan Designs Reveal Goblin Spellcasters

495 days ago 1

Artizan Designs have some Goblin Spellcasters on the cards which might be useful for popping down amongst a large army or at the head of a warband leading them on a quest to find some magical trinket…

Head Out On Patrol With Artizan’s 1942 German Infantry

532 days ago 4

Artizan Designs have put together another squad for their World War II Range and this time it’s focused on the Germans. Here we have a squad that is suited for fighting during 1942 although you could probably use them in any year of the war if you were so inclined…

Artizan Designs Releases More Steampunk Miniatures For FOG

742 days ago 1

Artizan Designs has released Force of Law and Order miniatures for FOG

Find Your Way With Artizan’s Afghan War Punjabi Trackers & British Troops

857 days ago 1

Delve into the wilderness with some Punjabi Guides and British Infantry from Artizan Designs as they fight the 2nd Afghan War.

Artizan Designs Uncovers Many A Forest Goblin

1216 days ago 1

It’s time to delve into the darkest corners of the forest and uncover what goblins and trolls live in the shadows thanks to Artizan Designs.