Find Your Way With Artizan’s Afghan War Punjabi Trackers & British Troops

March 20, 2015 by brennon

Artizan Designs have been adding to their 2nd Afghan War selection with some more Punjabi Guides and Guides in Poshteen as well as a few more British Infantry to be led into battle…

Guides At Ready

Guides in Poshteen

Above are the Punjabi troops that will be leading your British soldiers through foreign lands that most of them had probably never seen before. I had to go and look up what a Poshteen actually was but it’s apparently the coat that they wore; you can see it with the furred edges around the collar and sleeves.

British Infantry Advancing

As well as the Punjabi troops you’re going to need some British soldiers to actually be led and they also do a range of them too. You can see the whole range of British Army Troops HERE, which is quite extensive, and it would be neat to do a bit of a skirmish game with a patrol of these soldiers ambushed by Afghans on the road.

What do you think and do you play games in this period?

Let us know!

"I had to go and look up what a Poshteen actually was but it's apparently the coat that they wore..."

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